Essaouira Weather

With mild winters and warm, dry summers; Essaouira is the perfect holiday destination any time of year. The winter months run from October to March and the summer months from May to September. Due to its coastal location, Essaouira’s climate is generally cooler than inland, averaging out at around 21 degrees Celsius in winter and 25 degrees Celsius in summer.

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What to wear in Essaouira

Morocco is a Muslim country and although it’s liberal, it’s good to be prepared for the cultural changes you may experience so you can get the most out of your Moroccan holiday. Essaouira is a relaxed seaside town, so it’s fine to wear swimwear and summer clothes on the beach. When walking around the town however, you’ll probably feel more comfortable if you cover up and wear a t-shirt and as opposed to a strappy top, or take a pashmina with you.

It can get windy and cooler in the evenings, so take a jumper or jacket with you. A scarf or wrap is a great item to cover up during the day and to keep you warm in the evenings!

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